Marine Financing

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GE Capital, Americas has more than 30 years of experience providing working and growth capital to marine companies.

Whether you're looking to expand or modernize your marine fleet, capitalize on new opportunities or grow your business, GE Capital, Americas provides leases and loans from $50,000 to $30 million and more to meet your needs.

You'll also benefit from our market expertise and deep understanding of the nuances of your industry.

Marine financing products that may benefit your business include:

  • Balance Sheet Management
  • Debt Restructuring & Recapitalization
  • Fleet Acquisitions
  • Long-term Financing & Leasing
  • Marine Equipment Backed Revolver
  • New or Used Vessel Acquisitions
  • Port Terminal Expansion
  • Re-Power & Upgrade Projects
  • Term Loans or Bare Boat Charters
  • Working & Growth Capital
Marine Finance Specializations
  • Dredging, Salvage & Marine Construction
  • Dry Docks & Shipyards
  • Energy & Marine Offshore Services
  • Stevedoring/Cargo Handling
Assets Financed
  • Brown & Bluewater Tugs/Workboats
  • Dredging, Salvage & Marine Construction Equipment
  • Dry Dock & Shipyard Equipment
  • Energy Offshore Marine Service Vessels
  • Inland & Ocean Barges
  • Stevedoring/Cargo Handling Equipment
Marine Financing Services

In addition to corporate loans and equipment finance, GE Capital, Americas also offers:

  • Interest Rate Risk Management

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