IT Equipment Financing

Embracing Technology Is The Key To Future Success

As a significant lender across the information technology industry, GE Capital, Americas offers flexible, brand-independent IT financing solutions to help you expand your business and reduce many of the risks associated with acquisition, management, and disposal/refresh of IT assets.

Backed by GE's leadership positions in clean energy, medical imaging, industrial automation, and beyond, GE Capital, Americas has unparalleled expertise in providing innovative funding solutions for a broad range of traditional and emerging technologies.

We back up our IT industry expertise with flexible financing structures, designed to help you maximize the business benefits of your information technology investments, such as computer equipment leasing and other technology finance options.

Here's a look at the computer and IT equipment financing products that may be appropriate for your technology business:

  • Operating and Capital leases
  • Loans
  • Asset management programs
  • Sale lease-backs
  • Vendor finance programs
  • Dealer finance programs
Technology Finance Specializations
  • Manufacturers
  • Dealers
  • Resellers
  • Distributors
  • End-Users 
Assets Financed
  • Laptop/Desktop PCs & Monitors
  • Servers (Enterprise; Mid-Range; Win-Tel)
  • Network Communications Equipment (Voice & Data)
  • Data Storage (Tape &Disk)
  • Printers/Copiers/Multifunction Devices
  • Enterprise Mobility (Handheld Scanners & Peripherals)
  • Point of Sale (POS)
  • Banking (ATMs, Check Sorters & Endorsers) & Mail Sorting Equipment
  • Software & Soft-Costs
Advantages of IT Equipment Finance From GE Capital

A full complement of technology financing services

Technology finance is one of the core services of GE Capital, Corporate Finance. Delivering best-in-class technology planning, financing, management and disposition services, we can help reduce your total cost of IT ownership, expand your business and make it more efficient — all while reducing the risks in acquisition, management and recovery of IT assets. Enjoy the following benefits of working with GE Capital:

Costs controlled

In attempting to manage enterprise-wide technology assets, one must avoid multiple expense-escalating traps. If you’re looking to achieve the lowest possible cost of IT ownership, rely on our team to help you navigate around financial obstacles. We’ll share our best practices with you, and show you ways to facilitate efficient management of your IT assets – which, in turn, helps you minimize your technology costs.

In addition, our business practices include timely vendor payments, early buyout options, and end-of-lease term alerts and reminders that begin 120 days out. (That means no surprises.)

Complexity minimized

Pressured to stay on top of rapidly changing technologies? Need to track your IT assets all across the enterprise? These can be complex challenges – which is why you should work with a financing provider who truly understands the intricacies of IT.

Try GE Capital, Corporate Finance. You’ll be working with the trusted leader and subject matter expert in the technology-financing arena. We provide expert advisory services, offering you ideas and counsel for your current and future technology needs. Our proprietary online tools give you simple ways to keep track of all your assets. And since we’re brand independent, you can procure IT solutions from multiple manufacturers under a single lease.

Compliance assured

To help you address relatively new priorities in the technology management arena – Sarbanes-Oxley and other government regulations related to asset disposition – there is no better team than the one at GE Capital, Corporate Finance.

We stay informed about the latest government regulations. We manage the remarketing and disposition of your IT assets in a manner that is both secure (employing U.S. Department of Defense standards) and environmentally friendly.

TechAdvice--For Brand Independent Perspective

Let us help to plan your IT strategy and recommend solutions to keep your technology current.

Technologies have grown increasingly complex. And the list of IT manufacturers and providers just keeps getting longer. You could devote valuable time and resources to planning and strategizing all your options. Or you could choose a better alternative: GE Capital, Corporate Finance’s TechAdvise service. We’ll help you explore your IT options, sharing our collective expertise and exceptional market insight on the best available solutions across the IT lifecycle. And because we’re brand-independent, you can rely on us to offer objective, unbiased recommendations that are dictated by your IT needs.

Stay current, stay responsible

You need to stay current and be prudent in acquiring technology assets. You can count on us to uncover the most cost-effective technologies and financing for your needs. We’ll even advise you on the best ways to acquire reconditioned equipment. We offer solutions for all technologies — regardless of equipment make, model or manufacturer. That keeps your preferences and options open at all times.

Benefit from an IT Health Checkup

At the heart of GE’s TechAdvise offer is a service we call IT Health Checkup. We put GE’s vast network of IT expertise to work for you in three key areas:

  • Your organization. Do you have enough people? Are they allocated properly?
  • Your processes. How is IT infrastructure managed? What are your tollgates and standards? Can your processes be enhanced for greater efficiencies?
  • Your infrastructure. Are your servers, workstations, software and network being deployed for maximum effectiveness?

At GE, we realize that by helping our customers grow, everyone wins. With TechAdvise, we can help you make your IT investment work as smartly as possible.

TechFinance--To Reduct It Ownership Costs

Let us structure innovative financing that reduces your total cost of IT ownership.

Finding the right technology solution is important. Making that solution work from a cost perspective may be even more critical… and challenging. GE Capital, Corporate Finance has the acquisition and financing knowledge to structure an innovative financing package for you — and reduce your total cost of IT ownership.

At GE, we back up our IT industry expertise with highly flexible, cost-effective financing structures, including market-competitive:

  • Operating, finance and tax leases
  • Loans
  • Asset management programs
  • Sale lease-backs

Simplicity and honesty

At GE, we pride ourselves on offering simple IT financing, and on being your single-source financing provider for multi-brand solutions. Our financing deals can range from $250,000 to more than $50 million, funding as much as 100% of the appraised value of your technology acquisition.

And with GE, you benefit from forthright business practices; we offer timely vendor payments, early buyout options, and even end-of-lease-term alerts and reminders.

Ease of doing business

You’ll find it easy to do business with GE. Our Master Lease Agreements, for example, provide terms and conditions that apply to all lease transactions across your locations. That makes it easier for you to acquire equipment on an ongoing basis. Plus, our pre-arranged credit lines make for faster, easier IT deployment.

A total solution for IT-intensive companies

Your IT infrastructure is constantly evolving. GE gives you the financing solutions and asset management tools to maximize your IT investment. With GE as your financing provider, you’ll have brand-independent financing to support all your IT project needs — as well as state-of-the-art asset management tools to manage your IT inventory with ease. It’s the total solution for IT-intensive companies.

TechManage--To Track It Assets Companywide

Let us monitor the location and status of all your IT assets, across your entire enterprise.

One of the most difficult challenges of IT management? Keeping track of assets across your entire enterprise. If you could get a handle on this issue, you’d be able to allocate costs across your organization and avoid making unnecessary payments on out-of-lease equipment.

Let GE Capital, Corporate Finance help with TechManage. This asset management service is supported by eFlow, our proprietary, online asset tracking software. With this powerful system, we can help you:

  • Reduce expenses and free up capital for other critical areas of investment
  • Dramatically reduce administrative labor and related operational costs by eliminating the need to manually track IT assets
  • Avoid unwanted costs by using alerts to automatically notify you of the end-of-lease terms

eFlow: everything at your fingertips

Available exclusively to our customers, eFlow (Equipment Finance Lease Online Workplace) puts all your IT asset information right in front of you, in a simple, real-time format. eFlow consolidates all your asset information in one place, making it easy to track it across individual business locations. Compatible with most major enterprise resource planning (ERP) and asset management packages, it’s designed to integrate easily into your existing legacy systems.

Seven key areas of management

With eFlow, you can streamline the management of seven key IT areas:

  • Asset management.
    View and analyze all your IT lease contracts, the levels and locations of your assets, and your cost centers.
  • Lease management.
    Manage your active and terminated lease contracts. Conduct searches of your entire IT portfolio, by contract or by asset type.
  • Non-leased asset management.
    Track your non-leased assets by quickly and easily importing data into the eFlow asset repository.
  • Document management.
    File all your master lease and contract-level lease documents in one place. Share this information via customer-specific documents and reports, as well as inbound audit reports.
  • Invoice management.
    Store both current and historical invoices, and easily pull up and review summaries and/or details of any stored invoice.
  • Itemized financial reporting.
    View how your taxes are allocated at a state, county, city and district level. Review remaining obligations by year at asset, contract and portfolio level.
  • Milestone management.
    Get alerts from eFlow when various milestones are approaching. When a lease term is ending, when a warranty is expiring, when a licensing agreement is coming due, the system proactively notifies you.
TechRecovery--For Safe, Secure, Asset Disposal

Let us back up your asset disposal and data sanitization efforts in a way that is very secure and very green

Consider the end of a technology lease. You’re holding an asset that you may or may not wish to keep — and that you may or may not even know is approaching the end of its lease term. That kind of uncertainty can be very expensive.

GE Capital, Corporate Finance can lend a hand. Our TechRecovery Service is designed to manage your end-of-lease IT assets in a manner that is both highly secure and environmentally friendly.

End-of-lease asset monitoring

Even before your IT assets are ready for disposition, TechRecovery can help you make informed, cost-conscious decisions regarding your leases, by:

  • Informing you of the ongoing status of all your IT leases
  • Alerting you in advance when lease terms are ending
  • Helping you avoid hidden financing costs

Safe, secure data sanitization

Your data is a critically important asset. You need a provider that treats it that way.

GE employs an exacting data sanitization and asset disposal process. We have created a preferred provider network of asset disposition specialists, who wipe data disks to the U.S. Department of Defense’s data sanitization/security specification 5220.22M at the 3X overwrite level.

If a subsequent sweep of the disk reveals that a software or hardware issue prevented it from being sufficiently wiped of all data, the disk is physically destroyed as a fail-safe.

Rigorous compliance and contractual auditing

GE’s asset disposition specialists are rigorously audited to meet multiple compliance and contractual standards, including those established by GE’s own Environmental Health & Safety Department. Among the categories in which these contracted providers must pass muster with us are their:

  • Recycling and disposition policies and procedures
  • Integrity of IT systems and facilities
  • Process flow and data reporting
TechRemarketing--To Maximize Your Return On It Assets

Asset Remarketing

It happens all the time: The IT assets that your company owns – servers, PCs, PDAs, peripherals – are ready for replacement. When that time comes, what do you do with them? How do you get the most value for them?

Consider this: GE Capital, Corporate Finance can resell your IT assets for you. Thanks to existing relationships we’ve cultivated with a solid network of remarketers, you enjoy the highly competitive rates that GE has previously negotiated with these vendors. That, of course, translates to getting an excellent return on your IT assets.

Giving you choice

We support a wide variety of technology and telecommunications equipment ranging from PCs and servers to routers and switches. And because we’re brand independent, we can help you sell equipment from any manufacturer.

Sharing sale proceeds

With GE’s Asset Remarketing, you can count on us to work toward getting you the highest possible value for your assets. If you like, to add even greater value to our Asset Remarketing service, GE offers you the option of packing up and shipping your outgoing IT assets.

With Asset Remarketing available to you, it’s quite possible that you’ve been inconvenienced by IT asset disposition for the last time. And you’ll certainly be getting a better price for those assets than through most other disposition options.

GE makes asset disposition easy for you and helps you maximize the return on your IT assets, reducing your total cost of IT ownership.

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